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Posted by Matt Shapiro on Dec 12, 2018 12:05:18 PM

Innovation is replacing legacy systems and processes. Phone calls are consistent with legacy processes.  People don't answer their phones & it costs a lot.  Good thing this process is easy to modernize.  When is the last time your legacy A/R management process has been updated? 


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Self-driving... Accounts receivable .  What?

Posted by Matt Shapiro on Jun 28, 2018 12:40:44 PM

We've all heard about self-driving cars and how AI is powering this innovation.  How about using similar innovation to power Finance Department's Accounts Receivable?  We don't have to worry about accidentally hitting an elderly lady in a crosswalk or running over a puppy.  There's less risk in taking the hands off the "wheel."  Our self-driving AI can handle a wide variety of Accounts Receivable situations ensuring payments are made, and customers are treated with care in the most efficient and effective manner.

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